Seattle Propeller Club Industry Awards

The 71st Seattle Maritime Day Breakfast on May 11, 2023, was presented by the Seattle Propeller Club and Port of Seattle. Left to right: Seattle Propeller Club President Tosca Pinder, Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell, Maritime Achievement Award (person of the year) recipient Warren Aakervik, Ballard Oil, Port of Seattle Commission President Sam Cho, Stephanie Bowman, Maritime Industry Director for the State of Washington, Public Official of the Year Award recipient Tremain Holloway, principal, Maritime High School, and Port of Seattle Executive Director Steve Metruck.

Seattle Propeller Club Puget Sound Maritime Achievement Award

(known as the Puget Sound Maritime Man of the Year award 1951-1992)


Presented annually during the Seattle Maritime Festival to an individual who has brought great credit or

economic benefit to the maritime interests of the Puget Sound area. Recognizes either a long and distinguished

career or a specific achievement.


1951           Clarence Carlander*                    Puget Sound Freight Lines & Port of Seattle Commissioner

1952           C. Arthur Foss*                             Foss Launch & Tug

1953           E.A. "Eddie" Black*                      Black Enterprises & Commercial Ship Repair

1954           Jerry Bryant*                                Bryant's Marina

1955           Horace McCurdy*                        Puget Sound Bridge & Dredging, Lockheed Shipyard

1956           Warren G. Magnuson*               United States Senate

1957           Edward W. Allen*                        Allen, DeGarmo & Leedy, International Fisheries Commission

1958           D.E. "Ned" Skinner*                    Alaska Steamship Co.

1959           Capt. N.A. "Nick" Lidstone*       United State Navy, Retired

1960           Robert D. Ladd*                           Pacific Marine Supply

196l            H.P. "Dick" Everest*                     University of Washington, Citizen's Port Committee

1962           Robert G. Zener*                         Todd Shipyards

1963           Worth B. Fowler*                        American Mail Line

1964           Howard M. Burke*                      American Hawaiian Steamship Co., Port of Seattle

1965           John H. Lee*                                 Puget Sound Tug & Barge

1966           Dr. Dixy Lee Ray*                         Pacific Science Center

1967           G.R. "Ray" Seefeldt*                   Olympic Steamship Co, Salmon Terminals

1968           Capt. A.F. "Spike" Eikum*          Washington State Ferries

1969           Charles I. Hiltzheimer*               Sea-Land Services

1970           John M. Haydon*                        Port of Seattle Commissioner

1971           J. Eldon Opheim*                        Port of Seattle

1972           Capt. Merle Adlum*                   Port of Seattle Commissioner and labor leader

1973           Philip F. Spaulding*                    Nickum & Spaulding

1974           Col. E.L. "Roy" Perry*                 Port of Tacoma

1975           Peter G. Schmidt*                       MARCO

1976           Fred R. Smith*                             Seattle Stevedore Co.

1977           Ken Ayers*                                    Crowley Maritime Corporation, Northwest Towboat Association

1978           Sid Campbell*                              Foss Launch & Tug

1979           Frank Lynott*                               Tacoma Boatbuilding

1980           Richard D. Ford*                          Port of Seattle

1981           Carl R. Meurk*                             Todd Pacific Shipyards

1982-83     Award not presented

1984           Richard Dale Smith*                   Port of Tacoma

1985           Joel Pritchard*                            United States House of Representatives

1986           Robert B. McMillen*                  Totem Ocean Trailer Express

1987           Phil Lelli*                                      ILWU Local 23

1988           James D. Dwyer                           Port of Seattle

1989           Burt S. Shearer*                          Matson Navigation Company

1990           Capt. Lynn Campbell*                Seattle Harbor Tours

1991           Stan Barer*                                  Garvey Schubert & Barer, Totem Resources Corporation

1992           Bill Lawrence*                             Transportation Institute

1993           F.D. “Ricky” Smith                       Stevedoring Services of America

1994           Tom Van Dawark                         Foss Maritime

1995           Webster B. Anderson*               B.R. Anderson & Co.

1996           Peter Zuanich*                            Port of Bellingham
1997           Clayton R. Jones, Jr.                    Jones Stevedoring Company

1998           Marc Hershman*                        Odyssey Maritime Discovery Center

1999           Harry Hutchins*                          Puget Sound Steamship Operators Association

2000           Gary Ritzman                               Sea-Land Service

2001           Paul Chilcote*                             Port of Tacoma

2002           Mic Dinsmore                             Port of Seattle

2003           Bob Magee*                                Totem Ocean Trailer Express

2004           Norm Manly                                Youth Maritime Training Association

2005           Kirk Lanterman*                         Holland America Line

2006           Leslie Hughes                              North Pacific Fishing Vessel Owners Association

2007           Anthony Haycock*                     Catholic Seamen’s Club

2008           Steve Scalzo                                Maritime Resources Group

2009           Jerry Mattox                               Jeremy Mattox & Associates

2010           Steve Welch                                Todd Pacific Shipyards

2011           Mike Garvey                               Garvey Schubert Barer/Saltchuk Resources

2012           Chris Woodley                            United States Coast Guard

2013           John Veentjer                             Marine Exchange of Puget Sound

2014           Gary Stauffer                              Youth Maritime Training Association

2015           Vince O’Halloran                        Sailors Union of the Pacific

2016           Darrell Bryan*                            Victoria Clipper, Interferry

2017           Bob Shrewsbury                         Western Towboat

2018           Capt. Michael Moore                Pacific Merchant Shipping Association

2019           RADM John Lockwood              Lockwood and Associates

2020           Presentation not held

2021           Doug Dixon*                               Pacific Fishermen Shipyard and PFI Marine Electric

2022           Deb Granger                               Working Waterfront Coaltiion of Whatcom County

2023           Warren Aakervik                      Ballard Oil

2024          Sarah Scherer                         Transportation Instiute

* deceased

Seattle Propeller Club Public Official of the Year Award 


1998    Karen Schmidt, Washington State House

1999    Jeanette Wood, Washington State Senate

2000    Slade Gorton, U.S. Senate

2001    Gary Chandler, Washington State House

2002    Helen Sommers, Washington State House

2003    No Selection

2004    Patty Murray, U.S. Senate

2005    Ed Murray, Washington State House

2006    Pat Davis, Port of Seattle Commission

2007    Ted Bottiger, Port of Tacoma Commission

2008    Norm Dicks, U.S. House of Representatives

2009    Dennis McLerran, Puget Sound Clean Air Agency

2010    Bill Bryant, Port of Seattle Commission

2011    Rep. Judy Clibborn, Washington State House

2012    Gael Tarleton, Washington State House

2013    John Dwyer, US Coast Guard

2014    Rick Larsen, U.S. House of Representatives

2015    Stephanie Bowman, Port of Seattle

            Clare Petrich, Port of Tacoma

2016     A.D. Vickery, Seattle Fire Department

2017    John Wolfe, Northwest Seaport Alliance

2018    Roque Deherrera, City of Seattle

2019    Maria Cantwell, U.S. Senate

2020    Presentation not held

2021    Amy Scarton, Washington State Department of Transportation

2022    Steve Metruck, Port of Seattle

2023    Tremain Holloway, Maritime High School

2024    Nicole Teutschel, Office of U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell

Seattle Propeller Club Awards


Educator of the Year

2024  Capt. Al Bruce, Sea Scouts


Awards of Merit

2024  King County Water Taxi Crew, MV Doc Maynard


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