Our Washington Maritime Matters

It’s all about showcasing our maritime industry and celebrating its important role in our community and the regional economy. Today, the maritime industry has never been stronger – or more important to our region.  Our maritime industry is annually worth nearly $38 billion to state economy.


Discover how business, labor, government and community leaders are working together to grow our important working waterfront. And check out the economic value of the maritime and fishing industries and the diversity of career opportunities!


Seattle Maritime 101 and Seafood 101 are produced by the Seattle Propeller Club, the area’s largest and most diverse maritime industry association. The Club’s mission is to promote maritime commerce in the Puget Sound and it holds monthly luncheons, the Maritime Gala, golf tournament and other annual programs.To learn more, visit www.SeattlePropellerClub.org


Because around here, Our Maritime Matters.


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Photo by Don Wilson, Port of Seattle

Our 5-Star Working Waterfront


1.            Significant Economic Impact - The region’s maritime industry cluster makes a significant contribution to our regional and global economies. Did you know Washington State Maritime in was responsible for more than 148,000 direct and indirect jobs?


2.            Quality Jobs and Careers - The industry offers well-paying family wage jobs and diverse career opportunities.  Did you know the average annual salary, before benefits for maritime industry employees, is $70,800 - $20,000 more than the average wage in Washington?


3.            Excellent Products and Services: The maritime cluster delivers excellent products and services with the highest level of customer service. Did you know that there are more than 2,000 maritime businesses in Washington?


4.            Commitment to Sustainability: The industry is committed to environmental sustainability and the long term health and vitality of the community.  Did you know the Clean Truck Programs require trucks serving Seattle and Tacoma terminals to have newer, cleaner-burning engines to reduce diesel emissions?


5.            Growing the Working Waterfront: Our region is passionate about the maritime industry, growing the working waterfront economic sector and building strong working partnerships between businesses, labor, the community and government. Did you Washington is one of the few states with a Maritime Sector Lead to help coordinate the development of the industry?

Maritime Matters Campaign

Eight years ago, the Seattle Propeller Club developed the Maritime Matters Campaign, which was designed to showcase the industry in May and celebrate the Maritime Festival. These efforts have created a unique partnership between the Seattle Propeller Club, the Port of Seattle, the private sector, and regional maritime industry organizations to highlight our maritime industry and its important role in our community and the regional economy.


Presenting Sponsors: Seattle Propeller Club and Port of Seattle.


Gold Sponsors:  Compass Courses and Pacific Fishermen Shipyard/PFI Marine Electric.


Silver Sponsors:  Foss Maritime and City of Seattle Office of Economic Development.


Captain Sponsors: Columbia Bank, Manson Construction, SSA Marine, Western Towboat and Washington State Ferries.


Maritime Supporters: American Seafoods, Argosy Cruises, Glosten, Marine Exchange of Puget Sound, Navtor, Port of Everett, United Motor Freight and Washington Chain & Supply.


Maritime Friends: Bowman Refrigeration, Divorce Laywers for Men, Elliott Bay Design Group, Jones Stevedoring Co.,; KPFF, Pacific Merchant Shipping Association, Pacific Seafood Processors Association, Seattle Seafarers' Center, and the Transportation Institute.


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